Amazing: so music directly affects your brain

It can make you happy, upset, make you move, and even aid in the treatment of heart problems and hypertension. Many studies have shown that listening to music directly affects many areas of the brain, as well as daily functioning. All the reasons increase the volume.

The power of music over thoughts and emotions is enormous: it can make a scene in the film exciting or stressful, make you shed a tear and remember your love and smile on your lips. How do characters and musical instruments affect us so dramatically?

Many studies from recent years have shown that music has a direct effect on the brain. Here are some fascinating findings that will make you appreciate even more every sound:

It’s no secret that a good song can “bounce” the mood, sometimes significantly. Science proves this: A study published last year showed that participants who were exposed to 12 minutes of joyful music reported an improvement in mood.

Another study showed that subjects who were asked to make an effort to become happier did so more successfully while listening to music than those who were not exposed to music and were asked to do the same task. The researchers conclude that listening to “positive” music is an effective way to improve the joy of life.



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