Fifty years since the liberation of Jerusalem

Jerusalem – a city that does all of Israel to its members.
“From the historical catastrophe that the Roman king Titus destroyed Jerusalem and exiled Israel from his land, I was born in one of the city of Israel, but at any time I always resembled myself as born in Jerusalem”

They are testimony to the emotional connection, yearning and yearning that Jews throughout the world have felt for Jerusalem – the beating heart of the Jewish people.
Jerusalem is the object of the prayer of every Jew who prays every day “and to Jerusalem your city with mercy will return.” Is a physical place, but to a large extent a metaphysical place – a point of contact between the heavenly Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem, between sacred and profane, between peoples and religions, between past, present and future.

We observe with joy and gratitude the good fulfillment of the prophetic vision. In his prophecy, the prophet Isaiah described the idealized reality of the city of Jerusalem: “And I will restore you as your firstborn, and your trees as an after growth: then the city of justice shall call you a faithful town Zion shall be redeemed in judgment, and her captives in righteousness” (Isaiah 1: 26-27). Jerusalem can not be repaired and redeemed unless it is justly and justly.
We have been privileged to live in a generation that sees the building of the eternal capital, its development and growth, and wishes to see the continued flourishing of the City of Justice, a loyal town, out of the unity of Israel and charity.

Many and varied are the significant figures in the Israeli public sphere that grew out of the human fabric of Jerusalem, sucked from its spiritual treasures and were influenced by the cave. It seems that they carry Jerusalem wherever they go.

Original Art Painting "My Jerusalem" Oil on canvas

A painting of me looking from the Old City to the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. Oil on canvas

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I am CEO Of My Life, I paint with oil and a sculpture in wood. I have two daughters and five granddaughters.
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